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American Rentals started May 1, 1984, as American Truck and Tool Rentals. A small truck and tool rental store with two full-time and one part-time employee. Its founder, Brian, worked seven days a week for the first two years, taking only a few half-days off for appointments and family events. It was during this time that today's American Rentals culture was founded.

In addition to hard wok and discipline, the most valuable learning tool came from the local competition. During the first week, while the founder was very busy working the counter and the yard, a man showed up and just started to help in the yard, hooking up a trailer. This mystery man was Jim Grasse from the closest competitor. After working for a couple of hours, Jim finally got a chance to visit the owner of the new competing company. Jim stated, he just wanted to stop by and introduce himself and welcome American Truck and Tool to the industry. This is the first of countless times when the industry has helped American Rentals get started. When it was time to buy the first cash register, whom did Brian call, Dennis Turner from PDQ Rentals. He and his staff spent a half a day with American Truck and Tool staff on what to buy and how to program it. U.S. Rentals (now United Rentals.) taught American Rentals how to run an independent rental business. U.S. Rentals was all about business and how to make a profit.

A month after starting American Truck and Tool, the new owner received a load of rental equipment from Larry Wanamaker of Action Rentals without requesting it. When Brian called to ask the reason, Larry said that if you want to be successful you have to let the public know you have a large selection. He then went on to say, if you rent it send me some money, if not when I need it I'll let you know.

Mulitquip, especially Jack McGinnis, took a huge chance with American Rentals. Jack also dropped off several loads of equipment and said he would be back in 90 days to see if we wanted to buy it. He also stated, rent it and if you want to buy it use the rental as a down; if not, it will cost you nothing.

When the Truck Rental business became difficult due to liability insurance and excessive DMV costs, American Truck and Tool sold all the trucks and purchased scissor lifts. Only after calling everyone American knew to get advise, John Crouch of Action Rentals, Jack Wanamaker of Wanamaker Rentals, Dennis Wells of Quality Rentals and again Dennis Turner of PDQ. Once the decision was made on what brand to use, Brian called Ernie Dunkin at Adco Rentals and purchased American Rental's first scissor lift. The brand that was decided on was Skyjack.

It wasn't until 1990 that American Rentals Inc. became involved with the California Rental Association (CRA) or the American Rental Association (ARA). American Rentals at that time had seven employees and Brian could take some time to attend the meetings and network. This allowed American Rentals Inc. to get to the next level; American Rentals owes a great deal of our growth to these organizations. Les Chayo, The CRA Legal Council gave American a great deal of advise on how to protect itself in a business environment.

In November, 1989, American purchased its second location from Rental World, then again in May of 1994 purchased another location from Layton Rentals. The aquisition of Layton Rentals added a new division of rentals to American Rentals, an Event Rental Company. In January 2002, American expanded again with the purchase of Suburban Rentals from Rick Windbigler, with this purchase American Rentals entered into the Orange Country market.

On May 1, 2004, now 20 years old, American Rentals entered into an agreement with Tony Murray to once again take us to the next level. Tony became the General Partner taking over the day-to-day operations of the multi-branch operation. Under his direction, American Rentals Inc. has grown to its present size, serving all of Southern California.

American Rentals takes pride in having the best of the best employees, equipment and operations to serve all of its family of customers.

So when you need anything, American Rentals is the company who can meet all your rental needs. Contact us and let us serve you.

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